Ninja Classes & Open Gyms 

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Ninja Fit Club

Offering fun, fast obstacle fitness ages 4 & up in a safe, supervised environment.

Our method focuses on movement fundamentals for the entire body, incorporating gymnastic techniques to strengthen the body, mind and soul.



How fast can you push yourself? Can you go over and under the obstacles and beat that wall?



How long are you able to hang, climb, run and jump?




Stretching and gymnastics training will give you proper form to overcome the obstacles.



Test your skills on the rock wall, nun chucks and more! Build your strength with fitness activites and games.



Balance beams, slack lines and rolling barrels will test your balance and help you become a ninja!



Animal crawls, vaulting, and many more techniques are taught in an exciting environment.

This program is designed for ages 4 & up and offers an alternative to a full fitness program.  The offers conditioning through all aspects of fitness from strength to endurance, agility to flexibility.

Test your skills with the variety of American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles such as the salmon ladder, unstable bridge, warped wall, climbing ropes, slanted steps, and more.  Our courses change constantly by our coaches and staff to offer the beginner thru advanced the opportunity to challenge yourself whether you are looking for something different or training for a course race.

Ninjas (4 - 7 Years)

Ninjas is the introduction to this all-new sport inspired by obstacle course training, gymnastics and movement. Your instructor will focus on teaching the fundamentals increasing their motor skills, core strength, agility, and balance in a fun, play-full atmosphere.

Each week your lil' ninja's will learn new, challenging, but fun obstacle courses. Let us help your lil' ninja build confidence, self esteem, social skills and learn to love fitness.  This is a 55 minute class with 45 minutes of structured class and 10 minutes of free time.

Warriors (7-12 Years)

Warrior classes is the next level that tests strength and their agility with the more advanced training techniques. Can they swing from ring to ring, climb the rope, face the warped wall and proceed to more challenging obstacles?

This class will help refine the skills and knowledge each week to help improve their fitness levels. The courses and movements in this coincides with the tools needed to play in any sport.

This is a 55 minute class with 45 minutes of structured class time and 10 minutes of free time.