Ninja Warrior Birthday Party!

“Anyone can overcome an obstacle”

Our program prepares youth to adults for any athletic situation by learning sport specific techniques & executing them with confidence.  Our method focuses on movement fundamentals for the entire body.  Training is the key to building flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina, strength, speed & agility.

Being your best self in mind & body will give you the confidence to deal with any situation, and Incorporating mixed martial arts will help achieve those goals.

The Workout Club is committed to providing fun and exciting birthday parties in their favorite program. We provide a Ninja party coordinator, Private Ninja room, party room and all essential paper products.
2 (hr) Ninja Party!!

Parties at The Club are even more exciting. For all those American Ninja Warrior fans these thrill seekers ages 4-17 years will take on the obstacle challenges with 1 hour of guided activities and ½ hour of free time. Then join the adults in the party room for cake, ice cream.  Due to our new restrictions, we are asking that you do not bring other foods.

The Ninja room will be closed to everyone except the birthday party giving you the opportunity to enjoy all we have to offer. We can tailor the obstacles toward any age from 4 years – adults.

Parties are held every weekend between 12-5 pm.  Please submit a request for availability.

3 (hr)Ninja/Pool Party!

What’s better than our 2 hour birthday party? A 3 hour combo party that includes swimming. First your Ninja coach will set up a fun obstacle course and give the group an orientation on the course followed by free time. Then you head off to the pool and swim for an hour. Then it’s to the party room for cake, ice cream and snacks.

Please call for availability!

Please book in advance to ensure the date is open

For more information and to book a party, please contact the Fitness/Program Director, Ann Marie Caprio, at 603-437-8888 or email and a Ninja staff member will get back to you. 


ENDURANCE: Jump our box or long jumps, brave the slanted steps and run!

SPEED & AGILITY: How fast can you push yourself? Can you go over and under the obstacles and beat the clock?

FLEXIBILITY: Stretching, mixed martial arts and floor exercises will help with the proper form needed to overcome the obstacles.

STRENGTH: Test your skills on the rockwall, nun chucks and practice with strength games.

COORDINATION: Balance and coordination is a key to being a ninja. Balance beams, slack lines and rolling barrels will test your balance.

SKILLS & DRILLS: Animal crawls, vaulting, techniques.

Ninja Fit Club

18 Orchard View Drive
Londonderry, NH 03053